The Washington Center for Equitable Growth was founded in 2013 to examine the economic inequities in the United States. To achieve this goal, the organization assembled an academic advisory board to review and oversee an academic grant program. They have granted over 2.3 million dollars to scholars to further knowledge about the complex United States economic system.

In 2015, the organization decided to separate from their parent organization and venture out on their own. Not knowing where to start, Dr. Nelson came in August of 2015 and started from the beginning. She established a timeline, a budget, as well as policies and procedures that best fit the organizations VISION and objectives. 

As as the Project Manager for the corporate office relocation,
Dr. Nelson made all major renovation and design decisions. She managed and coordinated the IT infrastructure build-out and selected all end-user equipment including Xerox machines, desktops & laptops, peripherals, and printers.  

Dr. Nelson used her knowledge of policy formation and her affable gregarious personality to navigate all the unforeseen challenges. The result was limited lost of work productivety and the organization's seamless transition before the Christmas Holiday season!    


"It's not often you come across someone who combines such a tremendous sense of generosity towards their fellow travelers with an equally important sense of purpose and drive. Grateful for your leadership and VISION" 


Casey Schoeneberger
Director of Communications & Strategy
 Washington Center for Equitable Growth  


The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is responsible for the health and viability of Veterns once they are decommissioned from any particular branch of military service. To improve the services provided to Veterans in VA hospitals and satellite campuses across the country, the Business Office embarked on the implementation of a kiosk system that would automate patient check-ins amongst other services. 

This was an ENORMOUS feat as the administration has
168 hospitals, 1053 outpatient facilities, and serves 8.9 million veterans each year. The first three years of the project were spent negotiating the IT challenges with, infastructure, software, and security.

In the summer of 2014 Dr. Nelson was hired to consultant with and manage the Veteran Intergated Service Network (VISN) number nine. The company who was awarded the contract was having issues with deployment in the Mid-South region. 

Dr. Nelson used her knowledge of southern culture and complex federal government bureaucracy to deploy the kiosk machines and ajoining software in all eleven VA hospitals. Her ability to manage a revolving team of six internal employees, and collaborate with countless administrators, veterans, and staff throughout the region and county were felt. Her efforts resulted in an on time completion of that phase of the project. 


"Sherice Nelson was just exceptional working with management, staff, and the Veterans that she came in contact with. She was positive and energetic and kept everyone calm, including me! She was very knowledgeable and she took time to talk to every clerk, nurse, or physician who had questions.  I was impressed with her execution, leadership, and the successful deployment of kiosks hospital wide."


Jo Ann Ward
Business Office Supervisor Specialty Clinic 
Veterans Administration Medical Center 
Mountain Home, TN